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To Sleep Beneath the Stars

The latest album and a different direction for the Irish contemporary baroque composer,
a more meditative piano album with a Celtic and techno twist.

Usually for an album I start out with a project concept, and build from there,
but of course, this had to be the exception....

Still, it started with an idea, a suggestion, and a daring to try something new,
just to see where it lead...
which is here....
to sleep beneath the stars.....

My usual composing style (and I still do this for the big stuff), is to write and score the music before hitting the studio, however I thought I'd give the 'freeflow' thing a go. (Hey, it worked for Freud). The result is the opening piece on the album.

It grew from there, some works on the album were inspired by meditative journeys, and a few were meditation pieces written for others, who were more than delighted to share it with the world...... xx

Track Listing

  1. The Om Rooms
  2. The Wounded Child
  3. Taking a Different Path
  4. Deep in the Celtic Woods
  5. Awaken Ye Souls
  6. A Father's Prayer
  7. New Beginnings
  8. And Still we Stand
  9. A Simple Twist
  10. Swimming in Neptune
  11. Dancing with Dragons
  12. Coming Home