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This is a story, not that different from many others, where a dream was dashed on the rocks of other's insecurities. But, over time, those broken shards were collected up, some rescued from deep and treacherous waters. And slowly, painstakingly so at times, they were pieced back together again.

And the dream was awakened once more...

Emergence is that story...

Tracks & Notes

1. It All Began With…
Every story has a start, a moment where dreams and hopes are dashed and disillusionment sets in.

2. Losing Faith
Faced with seemingly overwhelming, sometimes relentless opposition, naysayers, growing doubts, faith wears away, erodes over time.

3. Follow a Glimmer
In struggling to find an identity, a purpose, each shiny new object offers the promise of a better life, of an end to the struggle, but too often the promises are hollow and empty

4. Reality is an Illusion (and so are all the players)
Nothing is what it seems. Everything is rarely what if appears to be, or what you think it is. Everyone has their own agenda, living in their own version of reality

5. The Dark Night
The struggle often gets too difficult, becomes overwhelming, and fearful demons are let out to play.

6. Not all Battles are Fought with Swords
Sometimes the greatest battles are within, in our own minds, in overcoming the inner fears and demons, or at the very least, keeping them at bay.

7. The Warrior Within
We are all strong. It’s finding that within. In surrendering to what is, we can embrace that quiet warrior, discover our strength, our own bravery, and learn to stand tall again.

8. Emergence
Like a butterfly, emerging in to the new world, we struggle to push against the restraints of our old selves, of other’s expectations. Once we embrace it, step into our own power, that was there all along if only we’d seen it all along, and a whole new world awaits.

9 Let the Dream Awaken
And so we begin. Yes, there will be struggles. Yes there will be setbacks, but we are resilient, we are strong. We are brave and we allow our dreams to take flight. Finally…

Track Listing

  1. It All Began With
  2. Follow a Glimmer
  3. Losing faith
  4. Reality is an Illusion
  5. Not All Battles are fought with Swords
  6. The Dark Night
  7. The Warrior Within
  8. Emergence
  9. Let the Dream Begin