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Sound Mind and Body Gift Cards

Sound baths and sound healing is one of the greatest gifts to give. It helps bring about a state of relaxation, releasing tensions and blockages in the body.

Why not give the gift of health this year, and treat the one you love (including yourself).

How does it work?
When the gongs and bowls are played, they create multiple tones at the same time, all at differing pitches. These sounds are called binaural beats, and help to lower brainwaves to bring the mind into a relaxed state.

Some sounds may sound unsettling at first because they don’t sound like ‘music’ or songs but they help the mind unwinds and shift from active to relaxed. Because the sound is unlike structured music or popular song, your mind is removed from analyzing or judging the song or lyrics.

Do you need to know how to meditate?
No, no previous experience is required, and is great for inexperienced or beginner meditators.

How long do I have to attend before I feel any benefits?
Most people reap the benefits from their very first session. A sound bath can easily produce immediate benefits and have an effect that last days, or weeks.

What are the benefits of a sound bath?
Some of the benefits include:
• Feeling more relaxed
• Reduced anxiety
• Enhanced mood states
• Increased immune system function
• Increased focus and attention